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History,  Vision & Mission





EARTH Trust was founded by a team of social activists under the leadership of Mr Dharma Neethi as an environment development organization registered under the Indian Trust Act in the year 2020.

EARTH Trust is the outcome of Mr. Dharma Neethi’s longtime dream with the experience gained by running the well-established Women’s Emancipation and Development Trust. He was fully involved in running this Trust to achieve appreciable success in the empowerment of poor women of our area.  Though fully happy with the projects and their achievements, he felt some gap in fulfilling his aim of the overall development of the area - the downtrodden one of Madurai District.  He aimed to bridge the gap with health and environment development projects.  Coming from a traditional farming family and much involved in the same, he gained reasonably good knowledge in Integrated Farming, Farmer Producer Organization and Export business.  He worked hard to obtain diplomas in Acupuncture and Electro Homeopathy to work on health care. The Trust parked their development initiatives in Usilampatti, Chellampatti and Sedapatti Blocks under Madurai District, Tamilnadu, India.

EARTH Trust believes in participatory approach in its entire programs.  The Trust has a 3 member Board of Trustees including a woman who meet at least twice a year to plan, monitor and approve all its initiatives.



Protect and promote: - the agricultural land, water bodies organic farming, clean, green and healthy environment, employment opportunities and traditional health care system and ensure safe transfer of existing Earth to a new generation without any damage


Ensure safe transfer of protected Earth to the new generation by forming people’s organisation, building capacity life skill education, develop innovations in organic farming, campaigning and networking with disadvantaged farmers, women, children, youth, elderly and traditional health care practitioners. 

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