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Here are some ways in which you can volunteer for our documentation, fundraising and teaching activities

Volunteer for Documentation

  1. Develop blogs and improve social media outreach

  2. Identify and draft people’s need / proposals

  3. Prepare brochures and annual reports

  4. Make short films of our programs through PPT, videos and photos

Fundraising Volunteer

  1. Create Donor Mapping/Donor Database

  2. Identify and register with online platforms for fundraising

  3. Identify individual donors, motivate them to donate projects and update them with feedback report

  4. Identify grant making foundation / donor agencies and help in submission of right funding proposal

  5. Identify corporations to work with EARTH Trust under Corporate Social Responsibilities

Teaching Volunteer

  1. Teach English to adolescent children

  2. Conduct managerial skills for staff team

  3. Conduct training on accountancy and documentation

  4. Promote drawing and art skills among rural children

  5. Teach basic computer literacy to the staff and youth

  6. Kitchen gardening, waste management, health care through home remedies

  7. Promote eco-san toilets

  8. Knowledge sharing to improve skills and increase income to rural poor

Let's Make A Change

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